U400L Hard dough kneaders with hydraulic tilting of the bowl

WILMEX hard dough kneaders are perfect for the production of gingerbread, dumplings, salty sticks, pretzels, macaroni, pizza, matzo, pumpernickel, etc.

Kneading the dough

WILMEX kneaders demonstrate great technological features , ideal for the production of very rigid, hard and heavy dough.

Advantages of the U400L hard dough kneader

  • 5 years long WARRANTY period;
  • energy saving - low energy consumption;
  • apart from the galvanized drive gears and engines, the machine is made of acid-proof stainless steel;
  • quiet and reliable operation;
  • ideally prepares all parts of the dough;
  • solid, entirely stainless base equipped with the wheels and feet;
  • openable bowl - easy access to the kneaded dough;
  • energooszczędne - niski pobór energii elektrycznej;
  • practical tilt of the bowl to the height of 0.8 meter;
  • modern control panel with electronic programmer of operation;
  • possibility of adding mixing blades with two speeds of operation or fluent regulation of speed
  • double bearings of the mixing blades;double sealing system - protection of the bearings;
  • double bearings of the mixing blades;
  • automatic cycle of operation;
  • cover opened to the right

We also produce

water jacketed kneading machines with the possibility of supplying the heating medium or cooling the bowl;

Agitators of the kneading machine

Double-bearing kneading agitators ideal for the production of gingerbread, dumplings, potato dumplings, potato dumplings, salt sticks, pretzels, pasta, pizza, matza, pumpernickel, etc.

Control panel

Modern fixed control panel with electronic work programmer.

Bowl cover

The U400L compactors are equipped with a side opening bowl lid. In the lid of the kneading machines there is a so-called "fireplace", which allows to fill the flour from the silo without opening the bowl lid.

Product specifications:

Type: U 400L
Power (kW): 15
Weight (kg): 1500
Lenght (mm): 2000
Width (mm): 1400
Height (mm): 1450
Perfomance (kg/h): 500
Capacity (l): 400
Bowl cover: cover opened to the right
Due to the constant process of improving our equipment, the company reserves the right to introduce changes.
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