U60L Hard dough kneaders with hydraulic tilting of the bowl

WILMEX hard dough kneaders are perfect for the production of gingerbread, dumplings, salty sticks, pretzels, macaroni, pizza, matzo, pumpernickel, etc.

The device is equipped with its own independent compressor (there is also a possibility of connecting to a compressed air system).

Advantages of the U60L compactor with pneumatic bowl tilt

  • 2-year-old GUARANTEE
  • the device is equipped with its own independent compressor (it is also possible to connect it to a compressed air system)
  • energy-saving - low electricity consumption
  • the whole device is made of stainless steel acid-resistant except for the drive gear and motor which are made of aluminum
  • a device equipped with wheels for handling and transport
  • fixing the compactor on four adjustable feet - no anchoring to the floor is required.
  • Quiet and trouble-free operation
  • perfect preparation of the dough
  • manual control
  • double sealing system - bearing protection
  • as a standard, the kneading machine is equipped with an openwork bowl cover, which can be opened to the side

Mixing the mass from the following ingredients:

  1. Diced ground peanuts.
  2. Date paste.
  3. Peanut paste.

Total weight of the mass - 19 kg.
Mixing time - 10 minutes

The special shape and speed of the mixers ensure perfect and even preparation of the product.
Opening and closing manually solid openwork bowl cover.
Pulpit sterowniczy
Control panel

Product specifications:

Type: U60L
Power (V): 230 lub 400
Power (kW): 1,5
Weight (kg): 167
Lenght (mm): 850
Width (mm): 600
Height (mm): 750
Capactiy (kg/h): 80
Max capacity (l): 60
Working capacity max (kg): 20
Due to the constant process of improving our equipment, the company reserves the right to introduce changes.
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