Sieving machines for flour and loose products

WILMEX sieving machine for flour and loose products perfectly purifies flour and other loose products of any contaminants and transports them into a bowl or any other device, up to the height of 5 m. Apart from sieving, the device raises and aerates the product, in order to improve its water absorptivity, improve the fermentation conditions for the dough and intermediates and, consequently, improves the efficiency and quality of the pastries.

Sieving machines - feeders for flour and bulk products can be used to deliver products such as sesame or flax seeds.

Structure and equipment:

  • convenient, quiet and efficient device, small size, solid steel base;
  • equipped with castors with brakes - easy transport and stability during operation;
  • equipped with a functional lift for sacks with the product or a convertible shelf, depending on the Client’s needs;
  • hopper and sack feeder made of acid-proof stainless steel;
  • easy disassemble and cleaning of the sieve, without the necessity of detaching the feeder;
  • equipped with a set of brushes that clean the sieve during its operation;
  • when the sieve is detached, the device may serve as a feeder with a hopper;
  • possibility of attaching a peripheral grinder for grinding dry pastries.
  • The grinder is also perfect for various cakes, corn flakes, salty sticks, etc.
  • possibility of sieving and feeding up to the height of 5 meters. May be used with such loose products as sugar, powdered sugar, citric acid, whey powder, etc.


  • for such products as sugar, powdered sugar, powdered milk, citric acid, etc. we produce the sieving machines made of acid-proof stainless steel;
  • we also produce sieving machines with feeders up to the height of 5 meters, perfect for tall devices like packing machines, macaroni machines or mixers.
  • we also produce propelled screw conveyors, in accordance with the individual needs of our Clients
  • Each sieving machine may be equipped with:
    a) convertible shelf
    b) sack lift

Screening sieve

The sieve screen perfectly cleanses the flour or any loose product from any dirt.

Delay cap

Optionally, it is possible to mount a slower stopping device dosing to the grinder screen.

A grinder for bread crumbs

Optionally, it is possible to mount a starter - grinder for rubbing dry buns, breads, etc. The grinder for bread crumbs ideally also had various types of cakes, corn snacks, salty sticks, etc.

Replacing the sieve screen to the bread crumb mill

Product specifications:

Type: P1 P2 P -1/Z 200
Performance of the device (kg/min): 40 75 40
Performance of the grinder (kg/min): 1,5 3,0  
Hopper product (kg/min):
On request, we can make a tray with a larger capacity.
50 75 200
Total length (max) (kg): 1600 2200 1465
Width (mm): 500 700 2124
Height (mm): 1300 1300 1600
Weight (kg): 172 210 240
Power (kW): 2,2 2,2 2,2
Voltage (V): 380 380 400
Due to the constant process of improving our equipment, the company reserves the right to introduce changes.
The content provided has only informative character.

Sample variants of feeders / screens

Sieving machines for flour and loose products


Siieving machines for flour and loose products with a grinder attachment for breadcrumbs


Sieving machines for flour and loose products wit convertible shelf

Sieving machines for flour and loose products

P -1/Z 200

Screening - feeder height of 3m product discharge shut-off valve.

At the start of screen-feeder valve opens and closes when turned off.

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